About Me

About Me

Mert Tokgözoğlu

Hello! I’m Mert Tokgözoğlu. I’m known for my dedication to open source and free software philosophy. In my professional life, I play active roles in developing highly available (HA) architectures for high-traffic environments. As the Senior Technical Operations Manager at Vargonen, I bring extensive knowledge in cloud computing and cybersecurity to create value with my teams. I don’t just promote the value of free software in my professional life; I also contribute voluntarily and share knowledge through teaching experiences.

My advocacy for free software extends beyond my professional pursuits, as I wholeheartedly dedicate my time and knowledge to voluntary efforts. My contributions to the technology community are not only a testament to my passion for open source but also a reflection of my strong belief in the power of knowledge sharing and volunteerism. Below, you’ll find more about my professional journey, events I’ve been part of, and my projects.

Volunteering and Teaching

With my voluntary efforts and teaching experiences, I take an active role on platforms such as the Linux Users Association (LKD) and Mustafa Akgül Free Software Camps, supporting individuals and the community in gaining knowledge and skills about open source software and technologies.
Mustafa Akgül Özgür Yazılım Yaz Kampı 2019

  • Summer 2019: Between July 19 and August 3, I volunteered as an instructor for the Network Security and Audit course. I had the opportunity to work together professionally with two of the participants I taught at the camp later on.

  • Winter 2020: In the camp jointly organized by Eskişehir Anadolu University and LKD, I volunteered as an instructor for the Network Security and Audit course from January 25 to January 28. Mustafa Akgül Özgür Yazılım Kış Kampı 2020

These camps and events provide a community experience based on volunteerism. Participants dedicate their time due to the value of knowledge sharing and the principles of free software philosophy. Through these contributions, I share the valuable philosophy and practical knowledge of free software with the new generations, supporting the technological future of our community and our country.


CertificationIssued byBadge
AWS Certified Solutions Architect – AssociateAmazon Web Services Training and CertificationAWS Certified Solutions Architect Badge
AWS Certified Cloud PractitionerAmazon Web Services Training and CertificationAWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Badge
Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator AssociateMicrosoftAzure Administrator Associate Badge
RIPE Database AssociateRIPE NCCRIPE Database Associate Badge
IBM QRadar SIEM FoundationIBMIBM QRadar SIEM Foundation Badge

Cloud Computing and Virtualization


While my virtualization voyage commenced with VMware Workstation, it soon transformed into a dynamic and diverse exploration. VMware Workstation was just the beginning, and I quickly broadened my horizons. Notably, I’ve dedicated substantial time to working with OnApp. Furthermore, my current focus revolves around actively contributing to the development of modules for OpenStack, Proxmox, and, most notably, Ceph – a testament to my unwavering commitment to open-source solutions.

This deep dive into OpenStack, Proxmox, and Ceph has equipped me with extensive hands-on experience. These technologies serve as the cornerstone of modern cloud infrastructure, and my proficiency empowers me to make substantial contributions to their advancement and practical implementation.

In the realm of cloud computing and virtualization, ensuring the reliability, accessibility, and peak performance of today’s infrastructure and services is paramount. Beyond exploration, I’ve embarked on special projects, including the successful implementation of elastic cloud solutions like AWS Elastic Beanstalk within private cloud environments.

My journey in virtualization and cloud technology is characterized not only by a continuous thirst for knowledge and practical expertise but also by a humble dedication to open-source principles. This steadfast commitment enables me to adapt to evolving technologies and actively shape their evolution.

Networking and Security

A significant portion of my career involved managing network operations at the data center level. I’ve gained extensive experience with network devices like Juniper MX960, MX240, QFX51xx series, and EX series. I’ve led automation, integration, and telemetry projects with Juniper, FortiGate, and pfSense devices at SadeceHosting, LimonCloud, Radore and Vargonen. My expertise in managing all network operations, including BGP technologies, reflects my knowledge and experience in this field.

Database Management

Effective database management is critical for optimizing application and service performance and reliability. I have experience using and managing MySQL-based clusters (Percona XtraDB Cluster, Galera, MariaDB Cluster, and MySQL Master-Slave replication methods). I’ve also worked with MSSQL on both Windows and Ubuntu environments, including leading the MSSQL Always On Cluster project on Ubuntu using MSSQL, Corosync, and Pacemaker.

Professional Life

In my professional career, I’ve actively played key roles in developing architectures with high traffic, high availability, and auto-scaling solutions. I’ve always preferred open source and open-source solutions in these projects to optimize costs while contributing to the community and economy.

Storage Solutions

I’ve gained experience with various enterprise-level storage solutions, including IBM Storwize, NetApp, Pure Storage, and Dell EMC’s EqualLogic products. I’ve developed automation and integration projects using APIs to optimize storage infrastructure and ensure business continuity. I’m also experienced in managing and configuring SAN switches for efficient and reliable storage network operations.

Programming and Automation

I have scriptwriting skills using Terraform, Ansible, Bash, Python, and Go. I understand the features of products like AWS Elastic Beanstalk and have experience in developing custom cloud solutions.

Monitoring and Observability

I have experience using and managing monitoring systems like node_exporter, ceph_exporter, Grafana, Prometheus, and InfluxDB, along with related database systems, regardless of whether they are SQL or NoSQL. I’ve developed and managed log collection and analysis solutions with Graylog and Grafana.

Object Storage and Workflow Management

I have experience setting up, managing, and orchestrating object storage systems like Ceph and Minio. I can cluster systems like Redis and KeyDB.

Hosting and Web Servers

In my journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of web servers and load balancers, honing my expertise to ensure seamless performance and reliability. My experience encompasses:

  • Web Servers: I’ve proficiently managed Nginx, Apache, LiteSpeed, and even IIS web servers. These include configuring, optimizing, and maintaining them to deliver top-tier web hosting solutions.

  • Load Balancers: I’ve expertly utilized load balancers such as Nginx, HAProxy, and pfSense to distribute traffic efficiently, ensuring high availability and optimal resource utilization.

  • Shared Hosting Automation: My deep knowledge extends to shared hosting automation solutions like cPanel and Plesk. I’m well-versed in their intricate workings, hooks, and integrations with various systems.

This comprehensive expertise in web servers, load balancers, and hosting automation solutions reflects my commitment to delivering top-notch hosting and web services. It’s a testament to my continuous pursuit of knowledge and practical skills.

Projects and Contributions

My passion for technology and open-source software, combined with my extensive technical knowledge and belief in teamwork, drives me to contribute to the mission and vision of Vargonen and its clients. I celebrate continuous growth and learning in this field, sharing knowledge and experiences with the technology community. My projects and contributions at Vargonen aim to add value to our customers and partners and collectively create better solutions.